Creative Photos of Two Sisters

Creative Photos of Two Sisters

Jason Lee takes creative and imaginative photographs of his two adorable daughters, Kristin and Kayla.

California based wedding photographer documents the lives of his children and sends amazing photos to their grandmother. She was diagnosed with cancer and is not able to see her grandchildren on a regular basis.

Kristin and Kayla Jason Lee

Kristin and Kayla

Kids Portraits

Amazing Photos of Children

Creative Kids Photography

Kids Photography

Kristin and Kayla Photography


Creative Photography by Jason Lee

Jason Lee Photography

Kids Photography

Photography by Jason Lee

Photos by Jason Lee

Kristin and Kayla by Jason Lee

Creative Photography

Photos of Two Sisters

Amazing Photos

Amazing Photos by Jason Lee


Jason Lee and Two Daughters

Creative Portraits

Creative Photos by Jason Lee

Amazing Photos of Kids

Creative Photos

Childrens Portraits

Amazing Photos of Two Sisters

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  1. aida


  2. Maseki


  3. mi


  4. Mel

    Love it!!!!

  5. morning_hen

    I love the one in which both were reading. The titles of the books make me laughed! :D

  6. minions

    I have been following these two for years and I love watching them grow up! Lee’s photos of them make me smile so much. =]

  7. nanobelle

    What an amazing and insightful artist. Your portraits are far more than a documentation of people’s events- longings, foibles and personalities are revealed, imaginatively and respectfully done. Surreal sometimes but always candid captures of the magic that is us.

  8. Atavar

    The cookie monster image is delightful :)

  9. Sophia

    pretty awesome dad or what?

  10. Wendla Windt

    Absolutely delightful, the girls look as if they were having FUN

  11. Enrico Martinez

    They are so cute!!!

    I’ve seen some pictures of them before in YAHOO.

    Some are added here.

  12. louis

    the one with the girl duct taped on the wall was used for an ad, here in belgium for a newsletter called ‘de morgen’, but the faces were western girls (clothes etc where exact the same)

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