Dreams of Flying

Dreams of Flying

Creative photo series by German photographer Jan von Holleben features reenactments of adventurous dreams of kids and adults.

Wonderful images are part of an ongoing “Dreams of Flying” project.

Dreams of Flying by Jan von Holleben

Flying Baby






Dream Adventure

Dreams of Swimming

Video Game Dream

Football Dream


Surfing Dream

Skate Park Dream

Yoga Dream

Flying Dream

For more inspiration, check out: Creative Photos of a Sleeping Baby

  1. Bill

    Oh man – some of those are priceless. :-)

  2. Lilia Smiles

    So inventive!

  3. Just Escaped

    The underwater one – just what are those white things?!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sharyn

    Just brilliant! I love them all.

  5. Betty

    So CUTE! What a wonderful concept.

  6. Volker

    @Just Escaped:
    The white “fish” in the underwater scene are pairs of plain white socks rolled/stuffed into itself – the thick leg part with most of both socks in it plus the two toes parts as “ears” (or here: “fins”).

  7. spavaroti

    great ideas…..love it

  8. Kirsten

    It looks awesome! Its almost like a kids drawning :D

  9. Mastiller

    The white “fish” in the underwater one….

    I can help but see male body parts…

  10. Melissa

    I am feeling flying with them :)

  11. Chedie

    Easiest way to have a “flying” photo is lying down. Ahahaha! Love these pictures! Will one day have my own flying photo for keeps. :D

  12. E

    Very imaginative and inspirational, I like the use of cloth hangers as birds.

    Don’t have a particular fave, each of them are lovely!

  13. Glitto

    Nice concepts. You can now flying without fear of falling :)

  14. Edward Martinez

    So Much High Above;
    But still Safe & Down-To-Earth!
    Imaginative but Priceless!!!!

  15. lourdes

    That work is awesome and so uplifting!

  16. fzm

    That was great!

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