World’s Smallest Gun

Worlds Smallest Gun

Swiss Mini Gun is a miniature double action revolver that has all the same features as a regular sized gun.

The total length of the firearm does not exceed 5.5 cm. It shoots 2.34 mm calibre bullets, the smallest rim fire ammunition in the world.

Miniature Gun

Swiss Mini Gun

Worlds Smallest Revolver


Worlds Smallest Handgun


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  1. Jaaved

    big things come in small packages?!

  2. Mapache

    Wow a gun that looks like a toy! That’s not stupid.

  3. Mapache

    Now that I think, that would’t kill a man or whatever. Maybe I was a stupid.

  4. CriticalEye

    You’ll poke an eye out with that thing!

  5. jumanicus

    easily smuggled into heavy security areas, :D

  6. Shaun

    Can you kill with that thing lol

  7. Lee

    Don’t be fooled by it’s size!

    If you know anything about gun you’ll know that this is as much a lethal weapon as it’s fully sized counterpart.

  8. 2LV2

    Again with the guns!

    We do not need weapons glorified in these times!

    Please Toxel, lets celebrate creativity, but this is not appropriate for the 21st century.


  9. longusername

    Yay smallest gun in the world- oh wait you can’t fit your finger on the trigger to fire it.

    *plays smallest violin in the world*

  10. place name here

    agree with 2LV2

  11. Kei

    @longusername It looks like the entire trigger portion has been made into the trigger, and had an addition to make it easier to pull.

    This is adorable. Even if it can harm people.

  12. Steve


    Guns are the best deterrent against violence. Take away the guns and everyone’s a victim.

  13. Danyell

    I’m not offended by this…I just really don’t understand what the purpose is.

  14. Ty

    In total agreement with 2LV2.

  15. The Hooded CLaw

    Guns don’t kill people, frustrated design students do!

    It may have little “use” but it certainly demonstrates the skills of the makers.

    I bet it’s smooth as a timepiece.

  16. The Hooded CLaw

    If we follow the link we find this little bit of information:

    “We would like to take this opportunity to inform journalists who are interested in writing articles about our product that the power of most airguns or BB guns, which are in many countries freely on sale, can exceed over 10 times the power of our ammunition.”

  17. Jordan

    I know people are being negative about this but in the real world there are guns. and there are people who design them. I rather be made aware of what’s going on then ignore the fact that guns are out there.

  18. Ha

    According to their website a BB gun is is about 5 to 10 times more powerful then their gun. so lets calm down about the end of the world nonsense. and yes this should be on this site it fits the nature of extreme creativity. They made something extremely small with extraordinary detail.

  19. author

    I like it! People like 2LV2 who say weapons are not appropriate to discuss in the 21st century are living blindfolded in a fairy tale world. Guns and weapons are very real and turning a blind eye won’t make them disappear. Let’s not be ignorant.

  20. Rahul

    Small wonder …hahahhaha

  21. shan

    wow it is sooo small i want just like it

  22. nanobelle

    My primary question is why bother? So you can build a gun to scale…is that art or merely construction? If art is meant to promote enlightenment where does this leave us? Guns are instruments of destruction and little more than that; no feat of engineering could one take less pride in. Art, you may say, is an argument but one that seldom has such a lethal answer.

  23. Hank

    Ugh… more anti-gun people complaining about something they have no idea about. Look… first off, this thing isn’t going to kill anyone. Secondly it can’t be imported to the USA as it has no “sporting” purpose. Thirdly, you’ll never need to worry about the mythical gang-banger in your fantasy getting ahold of one because they cost more than $6500 at todays exchange rate. For that kind of money I can go buy 31 brand new Glock pistols. This IS a piece of functional art, it is NOT a weapon.

  24. ian

    Hey. I LOVE this mini-gun. Can wait to test against may Playmobil bad bods ;D

  25. Koi Koi


  26. JOR

    “I know what you’re thinking: Did he shoot six shots”… or did he shoot seven??

    The picture clearly show’s the gun to hold six rounds but in the video it was fired SEVEN times. Did anyone else notice this?

  27. Yawn

    That’s no where near the world’s smallest gun.

  28. emptymag

    OK, How’d they make a 6 shooter fire 7 times without reloading? Watch the video & tell me true! A WONDERFUL piece of tech. I want a 6 gun tie-tac!

  29. Brek

    “I know what you’re thinking: Did he shoot six shots”… or did he shoot seven??

    Do you feel lucky punk? do ya?

    Whats all the negativity around guns? guns are fun, they teach responsibility, they put food on the table and protect our freedoms. Whats not to like?

  30. Steve

    Guns can be art, anything can be art. It started a discussion didn’t it, and isn’t that the point of art, to make us discuss? Plus guns are for more than killing people. We use them for hunting and just blowing off steam; would you rather I shoot a target a million times or beat the crap out of my neighbor for running his lawn mower at 6am.

  31. ehsan

    How can we Distil the trigger of this gun?

  32. Paddy

    If you watch the video again, there’s no smoke in the second shot, nor the seventh. I’m guessing they had a misfire so they edited the video and added muzzle flash.

    Think about it… the gun holds six. 1st shot is good, second is a dud (and edited with effects), third, fourth, fifth and sixth are all good. Then it’s back to the first that was fired, but it’s now a spent case, hence it being edited to look as if there were a seventh shot.

  33. Slain

    Ha ha ppl that think that guns should disappear in my opinion are dead wrong… The freak ppl that use them for the wrong reason should disappear…? I depend on my firearms for safety, as well as a means to feed my family. As was said earlier they are not going to disappear, take the firearms from the ppl that use them as tools not weapons and were just inviting the wrong people to have what they want, the wrong ppl will always have access to them. In my opinion the ppl that want to take them away are empowering the wrong ppl!!!

  34. Raul

    Where can I purchase something like this?

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