3D Origami

3D Origami

Beautiful paper sculptures created by talented Japanese artist Jun Mitani.

Each three-dimensional sculpture was first designed on a computer and then folded out of a single uncut sheet of paper.

Jun Mitani also teaches computer science at the University of Tsukuba.

Paper Sculptures

3D Sculptures

3D Origami by Jun Mitani

3D Sculpture by Jun Mitani

3D Paper Sculpture

Paper Art

3D Sculpture

3D Paper Sculptures

3D Paper Origami

Paper Sculpture

3D Paper Sculpture by Jun Mitani

Origami by Jun Mitani

3D Paper Origami by Jun Mitani

Paper Art by Jun Mitani


3D Paper Art by Jun Mitani

3D Sculptures by Jun Mitani

3D Paper Sculptures by Jun Mitani

Paper Sculpture by Jun Mitani

Paper Sculptures by Jun Mitani

3D Paper Art

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  1. Nisa Zul


  2. Dave

    I love origami and these complex geometric shapes are fascinating, but I’m a little confused by the title. Isn’t most origami 3D? Love it nonetheless.

  3. Rick Aiken

    “Each…was first designed on a computer”, I’d like to see the original pattern.

  4. Ben

    I love 2D flat oragami the best

  5. Betty

    LOVE this kind of paper sculpture–possible more than little animals and things.

  6. nanobelle


  7. Vinz Clortho

    Simple yet so complex. Computers are needed to calculate fold patterns. The artistic expression of math.

  8. nerd

    isn’t most origami 3D?

  9. beruz

    Are these realy origami?!;it’s unbelievable!

  10. Calculon

    serious folding skills right there

  11. Sam

    Wow – I love these!

  12. Bryant

    Sorry, not impressed. There are programs out there that generate these for you. All you have to do is print them out and fold them up (as stated in the description).

  13. Arcwright

    If only you could appreciate how beautiful the expression of thought is within those program computers. There’s a reason why this entry notes that he teaches computer science.

  14. saeid

    this is new and beautiful

  15. Maria Tesorero

    How i can do that??

  16. srrh

    These are very good, very very good….

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