Incredible Origami Sculptures

Incredible Origami Sculptures

Brian Chan transforms paper into flowers, animals, and fictional characters.

Most of these amazing origami sculptures were carefully folded by the artist from a single uncut square sheet of paper.

Leaf Katydid Origami

Dragonfly Origami

Crab Origami

Locust Origami

Horse Origami

Pig Origami

Brian Chan Origami

Lizard Origami

Scorpion Origami

Frog Origami


WALL-E Origami

For more unique origami creations, check out: Dollar Bill Origami

  1. MMM

    Love the Koi! And Wall-Ee.

  2. Betty

    Beautiful–literally awesome. I think the most imaginative and refreshing is the sail boat.

  3. giggle

    awesome work!

  4. Torsten Frank

    Whow! Awesome!

  5. Saadieq

    Trigun! LOL

  6. chelsea_fc

    To think I’m happy if I can manage a crane!

  7. Paper

    you humans are sick bending us to form something you call art bending us is like breatinkg ur spines and turning and turning

  8. human

    ^lmao @Paper

    but great stuff though

  9. KadaL

    wow…..the most surprising was “TRIGUN”….
    good work man….

  10. douglas

    Click on the Brian Chan link and check out some of the video. This dude is of alien intellect. The fold patterns and forward thinking process is incredible. Stud!!

  11. Ninja Egg :D

    @Paper: hahaha

    I love origami! Mine r no match to these works of art……

    :D still love them though!

  12. Karen

    that koi is an intense work of art.

  13. jumanicus

    i wanna kno how to make da b@man, its sick!! :D

  14. Eve

    Scorpion and grasshopper are scary real :D

  15. Hippo

    Love the gecko!

  16. Brian

    EPIC love the wall_e

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