Glass Igloos in Finland

Glass Igloos in Finland

Kakslauttanen hotel in Lapland allows people to admire the beauty of the northern lights in the comfort of warm and secure glass igloos.

Large windows are constructed out of special thermal glass that does not freeze. Every igloo is equipped with small bathroom and two beds.

Glass Igloos

Glass Igloo Interior



Glass Igloo

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  1. Andrea

    No showers?

  2. zak

    “Feel like taking a community shower anyone, or you could just go wallow in the snow?”

  3. zunny

    you can be sure there is a sauna on the premises, and a jump into the snow afterwards, and I would guess plenty of hot water too.

  4. Erin Maree

    It says that every igloo has a bathroom so I imagine it would have a shower/bath, a toliet and a sink. As for a kitchen I would say there would a be restaurant on the premises hopefully with roaring fire and nice couches to sit on an relax.

  5. Sharyn

    The first video shows the restaurant, the second one shows the bathrooms. The bathrooms seemed to be just a toilet & sink although there could have been a small shower in there too. It looks lovely, I’m sure it’d be magical to sleep under the northern lights.

  6. Lilia Smiles

    I think they should’ve made the bathroom just a little bigger (maybe fit in a small shower) and it really shouldn’t be a big problem since the space for the bed seems quite big. But I absolutely love the idea of sleeping under the northern lights! Always wanted to see them!

  7. cole

    that is awesome i would totally live in one of those for a week or two

  8. Ian

    The tectonic juxtaposition of the light glass and heavy weight of the snow compounded by the thermally dematerialized enclosure forces me to ponder what level of spatial anxiety such a construct would result in. Of course the “heavy” snow is actually aggregated, light weight flakes and the “lightness” of the glass is, in actuality, a heavy material; so part of the brilliance of this project lies not only in it’s phenomenalogical emotive qualities, but also it’s dynamic play of built forms and materials and their perceptions within nature.

  9. douglas

    stole the words right out of my mouth, lan!!

  10. Albert Einstein

    The tectonic juxtaposi–DARN IT IAN!

  11. tara

    i want to goooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Kev

    no privacy??

  13. Ivander

    the life of modern eskimo

  14. Glenn Contreras

    Kev, I think privacy is pretty obvious, keep your eyes away from your neighbor’s igloo… THAT IS what I call privacy.

  15. Just a thought

    I’d love these if they would be alone in a forest somewhere… But the fact that there’s like fifty of them stacked on top of each other kind of spoils the idea imo :(

  16. Finnish person

    Hi everyone :) I belive that they have public but CLEAN showers in there. And Saunas are a really important part of the finnish traditions! So they have a sauna too :) But if they dont have showers, you can warm up water in the sauna ;) thnx

  17. alyssa

    i’m gonna go here one day.

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