Illuminated Pedal Powered Car

Illuminated Pedal Powered Car

Artikcar is a creative pedal powered vehicle based on a recumbent bicycle.

Designed by Ben Wilson and inspired by a wooden toy car, the Artikcar is made from steel tubing, uses LED lights, and is steered by leaning.

Artikcar Bicycle


Bicycle Car

Artikcar Bike

Artikcar by Ben Wilson

In addition to the Artikcar, Ben Wilson created another pedal powered car specifically designed to be used by two people.

Pedal Powered Car

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  1. Mr.Rainbowfist

    Awesome, but how do you steer?

  2. Xuriks

    I was wondering the same thing…

  3. Icarys

    You lean in the direction you wish to go and it turns.

  4. James Anzalone

    The same as any recumbent bike. It looks cute in a parking space haha


    Xuriks and Raindbow, try reading it before asking questions…

  6. Diego

    jejejeje, way cool !

  7. Raadz

    yer.. its cool :D

  8. Karin L.

    Fun but I think law requires headlights. LOL

  9. Reilly

    Sorta… silly. What about when it rains, it’s cold, or when you need to carry passengers/cargo? But other than that, It’s cool, I guess.

  10. Toasty O's

    I love how it takes up so much more space visually than it normally would. Even more so for the two seater in the last pic.

  11. evie

    it’s cool but what’s the point? Get a recumbent or a normal bike. It looks very cumbersome to move in a small space.

  12. Various

    i think beside the seats theres these pulley things where u can steer, kinda like a kyak?

  13. Critical Eye

    That looks more like neon than LED. LED”s emit very focused light.

  14. Toasty Ohs

    Some sort of LED rope perhaps, with a covering that diffuses the light? In the pics it does seem to glow like neon though. That would be a bummer if it broke.

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