Shoes with Teeth

Shoes with Teeth

Unique shoes with hundreds of fake human teeth designed by British artists Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young.

Fantich and Young also created a suit out of human hair and glass eyes.

Apex Predator shoes and suit will make a great Halloween costume.

Predator Shoes

Tooth Shoes

Teeth Shoes

Apex Predator Shoes

Human Hair Jacket

Fantich and Young

Shoes by Fantich and Young

Shoes have Teeth

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  1. chels


  2. ayisharu

    creepy. :|

  3. Curtis


  4. Wendy

    Anyone know of a good 12 Step Program for artists who’ve gone over the edge?
    This one must need it…

  5. Rose

    Maybe not art, but certainly an excellent costume. I’m thinking zombie gangster.

  6. Dominic


  7. Gert

    Oh it’s art… No less so than any high fashion design.. it’s just a tad off is all.

    Very Adams Family Reunion.

  8. Masteroche

    Love it!!! LOL!!! The shoes are awesome, will match my Shaman outfit for Halloween!!!

  9. Erin


  10. gurlbye

    kind of disgusting but okay…

  11. Chad

    Now that’s super creepy!

  12. Vinz Clortho

    Odd they would put them on dress shoes. Fake teeth made out of what? Will you go clacking or skittering or what?

  13. Joe

    Haha, I love the gold teeth at the front!

    I’m just imagining stepping in something and having to clean your shoes with a toothbrush!

  14. Douglas

    It’s art and the statement the artist is making. This would never be worn.

  15. Libeerian

    Talk about putting your foot in your mouth…

  16. Mark

    Brings new meaning to the term getting your teeth kicked in.

  17. Niyari

    eerie however entertaining.

  18. Max

    I like it, but why not real human teeth? Knowing its fake makes it so much less intriguing.

  19. E

    Imagine the sound when you walk with this shoes….

  20. Leia

    Oh i had a little shoch there…
    I thought it said “Unique shoes with hundreds of human teeth”

  21. Ru

    Terrifying, I love it! Would love to hear these shoes on a marble floor.
    I remember one year on Project Runway someone edged parts of their collection with human hair, it was very dramatic.

  22. Ed Gein

    I want these shoes! So stylish and great tailoring on the suit!

  23. Buffalo Bill

    Simply too much black for my taste but I do appreciate the work put in. Maybe a good Valentines/xmas present?

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