Toilet Paper Art

Toilet Paper Art

Beautiful art installations created by talented artist Sakir Gokcebag out of hundreds of toilet paper rolls.

Eye-catching sculptures and unique works of art made from toilet paper are a part of creative “Trans Layers” series.

Art by Sakir Gokcebag

Toilet Paper Roll Art

Toilet Paper Sculptures

Paper Art by Sakir Gokcebag

Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet Paper Art by Sakir Gokcebag

Toilet Paper

Artist Sakir Gokcebag

Toilet Paper Art Installation

Trans Layers by Sakir Gokcebag

Sakir Gokcebag

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  1. charu


  2. woops


  3. abolf


  4. Betty

    I guess that’s the definition of an artist: someone who can take something as mundane as a roll of TP and make it a thing of beauty! Amazing!

  5. Banaan

    I’d like to wipe my ass with this artwork and see how this will change its perception. I could see this being an interactive artwork. Very inspiring.

  6. Juliana Alves

    Simplismente adorei!!! É lindo, engraçado falar isso de papel higiênico! Mais ficou maravilhoso!
    sem mais palavras.

  7. Martim

    It is not different to some decorations you can see in any weeding or party. Not very impressive.

  8. E

    Looks nice, but I’d rather use it as it was meant to be…as toilet paper…

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