Toilet Paper Roll Sculptures

Toilet Paper Roll Sculptures

Junior Fritz Jacquet creates unique sculptures out of toilet paper rolls.

The faces of fictional characters are first sculpted by hand and then coated with shellac and different pigments. [photos by Matthieu Gauchet]

Toilet Paper Faces

Toilet Paper Roll Faces

Toilet Paper Sculptures

Toilet Paper Roll Art

Toilet Paper Art

Toilet Paper Creations

Toilet Paper Roll Creations

Toilet Paper Rolls

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  1. The Dude

    These are awesome. Great creativity, and a lot of them look like the faces people may make while taking a number

  2. jumanicus

    someone has too much time on their hands.

  3. eunnn

    wonderful !!!

  4. Van

    @jumanicus we hear that comment on pretty much every post. we get it.

  5. EugiKo

    why everyone of them is angry or confused? why no one smile?

  6. Morgan

    A lot of these look suspiciously like George Bush.

  7. yardbird

    I really really like these. very creative.

  8. Betty

    Who knew?

  9. viewer

    I seriously can’t believe those were made of toilet paper rolls… they’re awesome :)

  10. Blaine

    It would be sweet to see some of these used for stop motion

  11. Petra

    Creepy… But good work.

  12. thesmallgiant

    theyre silly

  13. Poet

    Awesome, going to try.

  14. graftik

    Fantastic! I think I’m gonna try it myself.

  15. Art of Concept

    Stunning work! Really great and cool!

  16. AndySixbvb

    That was extremely creepy looking at xD Reminds me of a mummy… ew.

  17. arie Willard

    Its really a tribute to Thomas Crapper, the inventor of the toilet.

  18. hortensio

    Is that Bush?

  19. jaqi mugo

    Old men!

  20. pampalas

    great job, really like those

  21. BincleBinc

    Haha!!! That is so funny that other people also see George Bush’s face in some of these toilet paper rolls! (Look at picture 1 – the right blue guy – haha!)
    I love this kind of art! Funny!!

  22. Tara

    It really is admirable!

  23. The Dude

    You are the one sitting on your computer looking at this persons amazing art that they created, and THEY have too much time on their hands? Riiiight *roll eyes*

  24. Gisele from Brazil

    Uow!That’s a really good job!
    You have a pretty imagination!
    Who know that someone could do this funny faces in toilet paper rolls! =D

  25. cerulean

    these are really funny, I love it!

  26. Twinkle

    interesting! :)

  27. Raads

    these all look like an accident, the person just scrunched up the roll, and hey presto! it looks kinda like a face…
    but still, very imaginative and uniquely creative.

  28. Jamie

    Hahaha, these just made my night. Not only are they genius, but they made me smile. What else could a blog reader want?

  29. LeAnn Davis

    Where can I buy his art work?

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