Menswear Dog

Menswear Dog

Bodhi, a 3 year old Shiba Inu dog from New York likes to dress up in stylish and fashionable clothing.

Menswear Dog runs a popular fashion blog, never washes his selvedge denim, and enjoys impressing people around Soho.

For latest style and fashion trends, follow “mensweardog” on instagram.

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  1. Jahangir

    Like a BOSS :)

  2. gravis

    Am I the only one to think dogs aren’t dolls?

  3. K

    Most patient dog ever.

  4. Karen

    This really creeps me out for some reason.

  5. Douglas

    Next up – Lego model of dog wearing clothes.

  6. jacklyn

    AWWH. so awkwardly adorable.

  7. elizabeth


  8. Pavel

    You can believe in the transmigration of souls :)

  9. Libeerian

    That one dog looks a lot like Ryan Gossling.

  10. NiceOne

    that’s the most stylish dog i’ve ever seen!

  11. Ahmet Uzun

    Poor dog…

  12. NotMyDog

    There is no way my dog would go for that. During the cold spell, when it was freezing, I couldn’t get him to wear coat I bought for him.
    I tried again when he was out and shivering and still didn’t want to wear it.
    I had to return it the next day.

  13. Edwin


  14. Random Guy

    You all said i was crazy when i mentioned ‘one day dogs will take over the planet’….. Well who’s crazy NOWWWWWW! Ah hahaha! AH HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAaaaaaa

  15. Kateryna Mavis

    Whoever came up with this idea must be really young. I would never have such a concept in my mind. Maybe @Random Guy is right. Dogs could be the new humans.

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