Star Wars Fashion

Star Wars Fashion

Series of paintings by Hong Kong based artist John Woo shows fictional characters from Star Wars universe dressed in stylish clothing.

Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Chewbacca, and other characters wear clothing from the world’s most talented fashion designers.

Star Wars Couture

Star Wars Hipsters

Star Wars Fashion Show

Star Wars Fashion by John Woo

Star Wars Clothing

Fashionable Star Wars

He Wears It by John Woo

Star Wars Hipsters by John Woo

Star Wars Meets Fashion

Star Wars Hipster

Stylish Star Wars

Star Wars by John Woo

Star Wars Couture by John Woo

Star Wars High Fashion

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  1. Immelmann

    Padme’s outfit looks like something she’d normally wear anyways!

  2. Enzo

    This is brilliant!

  3. Siana

    thats tight

  4. Gert

    Some of these are very poorly executed. What are they teaching in art school these days? Obviously not skill through repetition or even apparently the fundamentals of good brush choice/use in a couple cases.

    I found the rather poor quality of some of the concepts too distracting to enjoy the humor of the idea.

    And as one person said, that looks like something Padme would wear anyways.

  5. chillaroo

    can everybody please stop moaning 24/7?!

  6. jonas

    gert = psuedo-intellectual

  7. Douglas


  8. Dominic

    Amazing… Put a smile on my face! 10/10

  9. pTc

    Stick a Vivienne westwood label on them and they will sell for millions.

  10. lizz

    geez gert, negative nancy much? these prints are hilarious and should be applauded. the artist isn’t claiming to be a perfect illustrator, they simply wanted to share their ideas with the world. nothing wrong with that in my book. good job john woo, i adore these :)

  11. Max

    Why Star Wars? Why not Sesame Street or The Fresh Prince of Bell Air characters in suiting Star Wars outfits?

  12. Frederick


    Where did it say the artist went to art school?
    And if you think these are so bad, please, upload to toxel your best works.

    If you seriously can’t appreciate other peoples’ work, don’t be a d!ck about it.

  13. Mery

    @Gert, I really think this paintings are painted in this style ON PURPOSE. Have you seen any fashion sketches or paintings? Artists use some displacements and mistakes or even “wrong” brushes to highlingt some features and make the right look for themselves. Not only for you.

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