Spray-On Clothing

Spray-On Clothing

Fabrican is a sprayable fabric created by particle engineer Paul Luckham and fashion designer Manel Torres.

The clothing is formed by the cross-linking of fibers which create instant non-woven fabric that can be easily sprayed on to any surface.

Spray-on Fabric

Spray-On Dress

Spray-on Dress

Clothing in a Spray Can

Spray-on T-Shirts

Clothing in a Spray Can

Fabrican Spray-on Clothing

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  1. Bobo

    Pretty tight clothes .. Wouldn’t go for any fat people !

  2. Flint Lockwood

    They stole that from me!

  3. Anna

    wow what else is spryable?

  4. Reilly


  5. he

    Rielly, agreed. xD

  6. Katie

    I am trying to decide if it would be really hot to take these off…or if it would be a mess, like trying to peel a hard boiled egg that just keeps leaving little pieces behind and anything you do get off just leaves a mess on the floor :)

  7. Sky_pirate

    Awesome! The future of clothes is here :)

  8. Critical Eye

    Neat. Possibly similar to the process used to create Nelson lamps?

  9. Doug

    It would be great if someone developed spray-on condoms.

  10. Het

    Cool!! No more socks with holes! Just dissolve and respray :)

  11. Jenny

    It looks a lot like Silly String.

  12. may

    @Bobo…I’m pretty sure the p.c term is FULL FIGURED….but you have a point

  13. Ayesha

    what’s the name of the song in the second video??

  14. Bajo

    Very impressive

  15. Jaqi Mugo

    There ARE spray-on condoms, whether they work I wonder… abstinence till marriage still works for me, no heartache, STDs, expensive tests and morning after pills, broken hearts, etc.

    Spray on clothing was a concept of the late 90’s but it seems to be gaining ground now, technology’s like that I suppose.

  16. Julie

    This is a cool idea but it dont look very attractive to me
    but thats my opinion

    this would be good for if u had a hole in your fave piece of clothing but not good for a entire piece

    but then again thats my opinion

    on second thought i dont really like he idea ill stick to my normal clothing

  17. Nica

    How is it removed, & is it savable when it is? I’m recalling a Robert Heinlein book (“Number of the Beast”) wherein you sprayed on (?) a cloudy type of “clothing” that wafted around you, & then simply showered to dissolve it.

  18. bu2erf1y

    That would make getting dressed an even longer process

  19. Me

    I have to wonder how healthy it is to have plastic solvent sprayed on your skin repeatedly, not to mention the VOCs it probably releases as it evaporates. And do we _really_ need another aerosol product in disposable cans? Meh.

  20. Reilly

    It’s hawt, but there’s too much stuff coming off when you peel it off. And how about keeping you warm or cool?

  21. Alex H

    Not one comment about how similar this is to how it was like in futurama!!?!?

  22. Cathy

    Interesting. Right tool, wrong problem. People aren’t hairless and aren’t going to go for this. Better uses:

    — Better fitting bandage covers for surgical wounds.
    –Creating a custom form (i.e. for a mannequin). You would need something to stiffen the fabric, but as designer you could make a custom outfit with a very precise form.
    –Eliminating waste fabric in textile manufacturing (spray in mold forms rather than bolts that are later cut and/or sewn)
    –If it attaches permanently to existing textiles it might be more interesting as a lining material that you spray onto the inside rather than sewing into the pattern (i.e. curtains and sheer fabrics on skirts,etc). This could potentially eliminate complexity in certain kinds of garments/textiles and make them easier to manufacture.

  23. Betty

    Cathy, You are clearly on to it. This has some very interesting possibilities in the area of pattern drafting.

  24. horace

    by some source, you just spray it on once. After drying its just like normal clothing. You put it on/off like normal cloth and you can even wash it (though I am quite sure that you need to be careful about what washing liquid you are using.

    so the spray on was the “making of the cloth”, rather than a process one must go through every day.

  25. so

    didn’t they have this for awhile? or maybe i’m thinking of liquid vinyl or something..

  26. Y. tsye

    is there any fabrican products for winter? That will be really awesome.

  27. Snufkin

    what will you put on the next morning when you want to get out of the girl´s appartment you met on the party last night? ^^

  28. QF

    @May. Get a grip! haha.. “full figured”… Imagine if we didn’t have as much pc’ness in the world people might actually realise that their weight is a real, life-threatening issue and do something about it.

    ps. great product. great look.
    @snufkin, enjoy that thought.ha.. or if it rained at the party ;)

  29. Doink

    Yay futurama clothing in real life! Want!

  30. Janet

    LOL at the woman with the pink bra, she has no nipples o.o

    do you think if it was cold enough her bra/tshirt would have permanent nipple bump. lol

    also don’t like this, looks messy, time consuming, impratical. what’s so hard about putting a tshirt on? takes like 2 seconds

    Also how do you do the back or do you need someone to help dress you lmao

  31. kadal

    impratical, ineffisien, too bussy to spray, normal tshirt is tho most easy to wear outfit. i’m sure it’s cost was more expensive than normal tshirt that we can wear forever.

  32. G

    This would seem more expensive and inconvenient than normal clothes. And more ecologically destructive.

    IF you have a tremendously skilled friend who can and will make you look like an actor on Oscar-night, it may be worth it for you. Said friend might be willing to do it for the privilege of seeing you naked. Life is tradeoffs.

    I imagine a skilled dressmaker could more quicky make a simple dress out of a large piece of fabric.

  33. binky

    hope you shaved , that could weave into your body hair. talk about a wax job .

  34. Beth

    This is a ridiculous idea! How many ‘garments’ can you get per can? In the video’s they’re using TONS of that stuff, much more then would be in an average size can. Then, who is going to spray your shirt on? It doesn’t look like it would be easy to do for yourself at all! My final ‘complaint’… can you imagine the MESS in your bedroom to get ‘dressed’ using this stuff? And the tons of trash (empty cans) it would make? I can’t imagiine it would be ‘affordable’. I personally think it looks ridiculous and would MAYBE use it to mend a sock… although a needle and thread.. or a new sock… does a great enough job!

  35. secret

    i think thats very problematic to girls…might b this liquid is harmful for their skin on the same time for boys too…is it long lasting? is it transparnet? is it easily accessible? does anyone gift it to her old fashioned girl friend?

  36. Chris

    Medical Spray-on bandages? Someone has been playing Resident Evil.

  37. Martik

    With one can, how many shirt can you make?

  38. Crumpet

    Wow, not practical at all – it defeats the whole purpose of wearing clothing in the first place. 1) To keep warm, 2) To leave various things to the imagination, 3) To hide other unsightliness. Why don’t we just go around naked?

  39. amy

    i think it’ll only look good on people who has good bodies… or it’ll just look like those traditional swimsuits that sticks to our skin, it’ll show EVERYTHING! can’t hide stomach anymore

  40. Roberta

    wen this product ll come to Brazil?

    How can i get infotmation about sales?

  41. ErnaShu

    Hm, the best use of this can product is in clothing patterns…I would like to buy this, sprey it on the model and then take it of and cut it out. great for custom made clothing!

  42. Ayoally

    No fat chix!

  43. jaxx

    if this stuff dissolves in water it won’t be good in a rainstorm. at least not on me but on her maybe. ;)

  44. Amy

    This is from Futurama!

  45. Ivander

    No, this is from doraemon!!! When nobita went to 22th century he accidentaly got into a spray clothing booth, fujiko f. Fujio, in the 70s or something

  46. JackieRay

    not yet ready for prime time

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