Luxury Tree House

Luxury Tree House

Modern tree house designed by Blue Forest can be easily installed in your backyard and used as a guest house, playhouse, or home office.

Eco Perch tree house has enough room for modern kitchen, dining area, private bathroom, comfortable sofa, large bed, and two smaller beds.

Wooden structure also features two windows and large glass doors.

ecoPerch TreeHouse

eco Perch TreeHouse

Blue Forest Tree House

Blue Forest Tree Houses

ecoPerch Tree House

eco Perch Tree House

Luxury TreeHouse

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  1. pTc

    The tree is pretty much redundant in the ‘tree house’ sense.

  2. Matt

    It’s made out of wood… isn’t that the point?…

    oh wait

  3. Gert

    There is a tree there.. but this is not a tree house any more than my house is a dirt house because it sits on dirt.

  4. Kirsten

    Look nice but the whole concept of “tree house” is lost in this one… It’s a house on poles with a tree through the veranda.

  5. Douglas

    @Gert – house was not built by, or for kids. Isn’t that what the tree house should invoke. Adventure, finding materials, making it yourself. This is a self contained pod dropped into place and secured for little Booby,who is test driving the latest lotus race cart made for the 4 -6 age group. Lunch is served on the tree we leave by zip line.

    Can I use it while Booby is gone?

  6. Chewie

    I love the layout for the rooms for this house, would make an great and exciting room for uni students, of course with more bedrooms and such! Why can’t modern cheap houses be like this?

  7. barry corrigan

    one undercut

  8. K

    Pretty house, but not necessarily a tree house. And in my opinion, it needs LOTS more natural light. Looks very closed-in in all the photos.

  9. Ru

    This is nicer than my current flat. If we could get planning permission I’d happily live in my parents’ garden in this…

  10. Pete

    Why would you put this pod in a tree, and then block out any possible natural light or views up the tree?

    Like others have said: it’s a raised house, not a tree house. Also, curved walls are horribly inefficient uses of space.

    A treehouse should be whimsical, or fun, or both. It should make you feel like a kid again.

    Also, curious to know how that indoor plumbing is working in the model shown.

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