Superhero Gloves

Superhero Gloves

Creative football gloves designed by Under Armour feature the iconic logos and symbols of famous comic book superheroes.

The logos appear only when both hands are perfectly aligned together.

Unleash your inner superhero with “Under Armour Alter Ego Gloves”.

Superman Gloves

Superman Gloves

Under Armour Alter Ego Gloves

Superman Football Gloves

Captain America Gloves

Captain America Gloves

Captain America Football Gloves

Under Armour Football Gloves

Spider-Man Gloves

Spider-Man Gloves

Spider-Man Football Gloves

Under Armour Gloves

Batman Gloves

Batman Gloves

Batman Football Gloves

Under Armour Superhero Gloves

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  1. jury

    The other side of the gloves divides the second figure. , Sneakers, boots behind and in front similarly.

  2. Don

    This is amazing :D I would so get this!

  3. Alex

    Better not drop the ball if you’re wearing the spider man ones… Honestly though, I can’t see these taking off. Maybe for kids or as a gag-gift for adults

  4. Xcallibur

    But the iconic logo will be seen only if you correctly align your thumb… Do u watch the ball or do you watch where your thumb is?

  5. Ninja

    pretty sure those just landed in the need list

  6. Rich

    I think someone on the product design team at Under Armour also secretly watches TNA – gotta be AJ Styles inspired!

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