Dogs Shake Off Water

Dogs Shake Off Water

Beautiful portraits of dogs shaking off water captured with high speed camera by talented photographer Carli Davidson.

Amazing photos show distorted faces of dogs caught / frozen in mid-shake.

Cute and adorable dogs were also filmed in slow motion. [Shake Book]

Dogs Shake

Dogs Shaking Off Water

Carli Davidson

Dogs Shake in Slow Motion

Photographer Carli Davidson

Dogs Shaking

Dog Shakes Off Water


Shake Book

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Dogs in Slow Motion

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Carli Davidson Dog Photography

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Shake by Carli Davidson

Carli Davidson Pet Photography

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  1. Ben


  2. Doggie

    These dogs look awesome

  3. Nidaa

    lol! Great picture! The video is hilarious.. thank you.. this brought a smile to my face. :)

  4. kelly Tozarin

    I loved! I’m still smiling! Thank you!

  5. Claire

    Tears of laughter. Thank you, you made my day

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