Super Mario Aquarium

Super Mario Aquarium

Iconic first level from extremely popular Super Mario Bros. video game was recreated inside a 55 gallon fish tank by Cedrick Bearss.

Obstacles and characters from the game were constructed out of LEGO.

Mario Aquarium

LEGO Mario

LEGO Super Mario

Super Mario Fish

Super Mario Fish Tank

Super Mario Bros Fish Tank

Super Mario Bros Aquarium

Mario Fish Tank

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  1. henry

    im stealing this idea !!

  2. kadal

    where is koopa?
    this is nice..i wonder if it a really big aquarium or aquarium in a room size, with super mario setting design. that would be awesome..!!!

  3. gunneos

    that would be SO difficult to clean! think of the algae…

  4. Glitto

    Awesome. Super Mario game is very old but its fans are still very devoted all over the world.

  5. Rudy

    Very cool

  6. Jow

    Why didn’t you make it the underwater level? That would’ve been perfect!! Still good work, though.

  7. Londell McGlone


  8. Douglas

    @ henry. Expect a call from Homeland Security!

  9. Jose

    He or she is a genius

  10. Enrico Martinez

    @ Kadal

    King Koopa must be dining out with the Princess, that’s why they weren’t there.

  11. Tobi


  12. Jennifer

    Where did you get the decor from? What kind of paint is that, that will last under water?

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