West vs East

East vs West

Series of creative illustrations by talented graphic designer Yang Liu shows the differences between Western cultures and the Eastern world.

Chinese artist moved to Germany in 1990 and used personal experiences from her own life as an inspiration for the East Meets West project.


West vs East

Problem Solving

Yang Liu

Preferred Drink

Germany vs China


Ost trifft West

Expressing Opinions

East vs West Dichotomy


Ost trifft West by Yang Liu

Daily Meals

East vs West Culture


West vs East Culture

Raising Children

Cultural Differences


Germany vs China by Yang Liu


East Meets West


West East

Mood and Weather

West vs East by Yang Liu

Noise Level in Restaurants

East vs West by Yang Liu

Popular Food

East vs West Illustrations


West vs East Illustrations

Ideal of Beauty

East versus West

Shower Time

West versus East

Waiting in Line

East West


Eastern vs Western Cultures

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  1. Fillibert

    I thought Blue was West but then I saw chop sticks?

  2. Megan

    Sushi is popular in the west and traditional western food is popular in the east…

  3. jacklyn

    good job but i dont understand the raising children and the networking

  4. Pearl Lamie

    In west, the nuclear family raises the children; in the east, the grandparents live together with the parents and all raise the child. In the west, networking is more specific and direct one-one-one which means fewer,stronger links; in east, it is more generalized within the group, more group cohesion and less individual.

  5. Mark

    Awesome. Simply brilliant.

  6. Waleed

    one of the best and creative illustrations i ever seen! enjoyed the most most!!!!

  7. paul

    when i see the “waiting in line”… duh!

  8. HR

    This is just wrong. East tourism is seeing by one’s own eyes while West just takes pictures? Really? That is WAY off! So are many other things. This is basically useless. One way to tell is that most people are confused by which is which.

  9. Paul Dann

    I think the people who are confused by which is which are those who haven’t spent much time outside of Western culture :p

    FYI, West is blue, East is red. Think Europe: Blue, China: Red.

  10. Dave

    Yo “HR” are you stupid? Blue is west and red is east. You’re mixed-up sweetheart. Decent graphic but it is a shame when people try to distill cultures into simplistic diagrams.

  11. Ru

    The only one I don’t understand is the lifestyle one, though I’m not sure I agree with the noise level in restaurants one!

  12. ben

    I don’t usually write comments, but some of this is wrong and some of this is almost offensive. Expressing options? really? And the problem solving one makes the “east” look as though they are unable to fix problems like the “west”, which just isn’t true.

  13. An asian

    All are correct except Lifestyle.
    I dont think that reflect both cultures. It varies with age. Another is shower time, Eastern mostly bath anytime they feel.

    East do NOT say “Your mouth stinks” directly or even close their nose, they simply back a bit/pretend to look away/other non hand gesture movement.
    Dignity and ego is precious (because its already small ?) in Eastern hence the “workaround”.

    As exercise to future readers, see how Japanese girls talk, often covering their mouth, doesnt mean your mouth stink, but “Is there something on my teeth?” – body language translate – ashame/lack of self esteem.

    All in all, can say pictogram 100% correct.

  14. Max Johnson

    some chinese characters hidden in the networking one

  15. Captian

    I found this to be very true and completely inoffensive. If one doesn’t understand Eastern philosophy or culture then one wouldn’t understand the graphic. If you look for offensive, bigoted, racism or any other trouble in this world, you will always find it. Especially if it isn’t there. It’s time to stop being paranoid and forget your prejudices and simply live life.
    Well done

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