Johnnie Walker Shoes

Johnnie Walker Shoes

Limited edition leather shoes with hidden compartment for a miniature bottle of Johnnie Walker whisky integrated into the heel.

Perfect shoes for James Bond. Designed and made by Oliver Sweeney.

Johnnie Walker Whisky Shoes

Whisky Shoes

Whiskey Shoes

Johnnie Walker Brogue

Johnnie Walker Fashion

Johnnie Walker Whiskey Shoes

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  1. eemke

    james bond on high heels !

  2. Rudy

    Whose going to buy it and who is going to wear it?

  3. Kathy

    Finally! These are my kind of shoes. Too bad oxfords aren’t really my style… But, I imagine that an even bigger bottle could be fit into a pair of clogs!

  4. Kyle Boas

    A showpiece and conversation starter.

  5. Swiper Fox

    Do not use shoe when jumping.
    JW bottles will break.

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