Famous Movie Cars

Famous Movie Cars

Spanish graphic designer and illustrator Jesús Prudencio created a series of beautiful posters that feature iconic cars from popular movies.

DeLorean from Back to the Future, VW van from Little Miss Sunshine, MINI Cooper from The Italian Job, and other memorable cars were first sketched on paper and then colored using a Wacom tablet.

These vehicles proudly represent classic movies and they deserve to be remembered, celebrated, and featured on movie posters.

Cars and Films

Cars and Films

Movie Cars

Popular Movie Cars

Movie Car Poster

Famous Movie Car

Iconic Movie Cars

Popular Movie Car

Classic Movie Cars

Iconic Movie Car

Jesus Prudencio

Movie Car Posters

Movie Car

Classic Movie Car

Cars and Movies

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  1. avigami

    This is incomplete without the Mad Max.

  2. Betty

    Very cool, I just wish the words at the bottom were a little bigger so we could read them.

  3. Chase Devon

    Lightning McQueen, anyone?

  4. jdpcreations

    would love to see more of these:

    Bat mobile, Dumb & Dumber dog car, Blues Brothers Cop Car, Pixars Cars, Star Wars hover vehicle, Gone in 60 seconds Elenore, Austin Powers Jag, 5th Element Taxi… I could name these all day.

    Or do tv series cars like general lee, startsky and hutch, herbie the bug, flinstones… there are even more.

    Awesome Work!

  5. sgh

    love it :X

  6. akai

    Batmobile, herbie, nightrider, optimus prime… I can go on. still I think it is cool

  7. Swiper Fox

    Black Beauty (Green Hornet car)
    Bumblebee vs Herbie?
    Knight Rider;
    Lotus Esprit (James Bond car);
    Mach 5 (Speed Racer)

  8. Tony Garrett

    How about Steve McQueen’s green Mustang in Bullit???

  9. Elwood J Blues

    Where is BLUESMOBILE?

  10. Snufkin

    Dude, where’s my car?

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