Beautiful Art Installations

Beautiful Art Installations

Ordinary room transformed into beautiful and creative landscapes by talented Korean artist JeeYoung Lee.

Unique worlds created inside of a tiny art studio after weeks of hard work.

Whimsical art installations serve as backgrounds for creative photos.

Everything that you see in the pictures actually exists and was designed, arranged, or handmade by the artist.


Creative Art Installations

The Little Match Girl

Beautiful Art Installation

My Chemical Romance

Art Installations

Last Supper

Art Installation


Artist JeeYoung Lee

I’ll Be Back

Jee Young Lee

Maiden Voyage

Art Installations by JeeYoung Lee

Neverending Race

Beautiful Art Installation by JeeYoung Lee


Art by JeeYoung Lee

Panic Room

Creative Art Installation

Sweet Appetite

Art Installation by JeeYoung Lee

Broken Heart

Beautiful Art Installations by JeeYoung Lee

Treasure Hunt

Korean Artist JeeYoung Lee


Creative Art Installations by JeeYoung Lee

Black Birds

Installation by JeeYoung Lee


Korean Artist Jee Young Lee


JeeYoung Lee

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  3. rose

    I love the Treasure Hunt!

  4. Nisa Zul

    very Fantasy

  5. Tahere

    Paint or 3d or magic?

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