Glass Tree House

Glass Tree House

Beautiful house designed by A.Masow will be constructed around a large tree in the mountains of Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Transparent house in the forest offers breathtaking views of the landscape.

Glass Tree House with spiral staircase, kitchen, and modern bathroom.

Transparent Tree House

Modern Tree House

Tree in the House

Tree in the House

Glass House

A Masow

Glass House in the Forest

Aibek Almasov

Glass Tree House by A Masow

Tree House in the Forest

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  1. Sr. F


  2. Swiper Fox

    Birds & other animals might crash onto glass windows.

  3. jimbo

    Impressively Stupid. Beautiful; but, stupid.

  4. Gert

    That looks pretty much messy in every single room. I love house plants but not so much plant houses.

  5. Pearl Lamie

    Poop in the woods! LOL!

  6. Karl

    To me is like jailing a tree.

  7. T

    So now you can rake leaves ín the house!

  8. LOL

    It’s not a tree house. it’s a house with a tree in it.

  9. mindy

    I think it’d be very hot.

  10. Schmavis

    “Will be constructed” It does not exist. Maybe it shouldn’t…Seems like a pretty useless living environment.

  11. Ryyx

    Beautiful design. Three problems though. 1) What if the tree dies? 2) That much glass would make it really hot in the sun, especially for the top floor. 3) You’re basically required to have a pet squirrel.

  12. Monika

    We have a hole at the bottom of the house. It is rather impractical, anyone is welcome to come in, not to mention uninvited inhabitants of the tree. Tree that wither from overheating in the summer …

    Interesting design, but only as a computer model, not in reality.

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