Pyramid House

Pyramid House

Unique house designed by talented Mexican architect Juan Carlos Ramos looks like a modern version of an Egyptian pyramid.

Beautiful pyramid shaped house features large windows, small balcony, and integrated garage for your car.

Pyramid House was designed for creative architecture competition.

Modern Pyramid

Pyramid Inspired House

Modern Pyramid House

Pyramid House Concept

Juan Carlos Ramos

Pyramid House by Juan Carlos Ramos

Pyramid House 3D Rendering

Pyramid Home

Glass Pyramid House

Pyramid Shaped House

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  1. shadow

    omg it’s gorgeous!

  2. minions

    This is the coolest design ever.

  3. Dominic

    AMAZING…. This is so gonna be my house

  4. eemke

    ugly !! espescially that tiny balcony sticking out !

  5. Jimbo

    Cool. I want mine in stainless steel.

  6. Don

    no privacy whatsoever, I don`t like it.

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