Egg Shaped Tree House

Egg Shaped Tree House

Unique tree house constructed by Joel Allen is hidden within beautiful forest on the Whistler mountain in British Columbia.

The land is owned by the Canadian government, so the exact location of the HemLoft is kept secret.

Egg Tree House

Secret Tree House

The HemLoft

Tree House

Joel Allen Tree House

HemLoft Tree House


Egg Inspired Tree House

Round Tree House

Joel Allen

Joel Allen HemLoft

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  1. LOL

    it looks like a really cool beehive! haha.
    imagine if you missed a step when you are walking to it….. 50ft down!

  2. Scared of Spiders

    It’d fill up with spiders and other woodland nasties.

  3. Lilia Smiles

    Aww the treehouse might be taken down :(

  4. Cj

    Why would you build your house on land that doesn’t belong to you?

  5. Edward Martinez

    Alternative Hibernation Den for Grizzly Bears (if any)!

  6. martian

    Does ist burst when the tree grows bigger?

  7. Karen

    It’s cool! But may I know where’s the toilet? xD

  8. Cass

    On April 22nd, 2012 CJ said :

    “Why would you build your house on land that doesn’t belong to you?”

    I personally feel that land should not be owned by anyone or any body and particularly governments. What Joel has done in creating this house is reclaim what it really is to be human…his creation and his ideology is beautiful.

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