Sponge Popsicles

Sponge Popsicles

Unique photo series by PutPut features sponges re-imagined as ice cream.

Cleaning sponges combined with sticks become “sponge popsicles“.


Sponge Popsicle


Sponge on a Stick

Sponge Ice Cream

Sponge Icecream

PutPut Sponge Popsicles

Sponge Ice Cream by PutPut

Sponge Popsicles by PutPut

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  1. bhiima

    Hmm…yummy….but it is a trap!…noo…it is sponges!,…creative photos :)

  2. Silas

    It’s interesting to look at, but beyond that I am not sure what it is meant to accomplish. Mostly it just reminds me of foam paintbrushes that come in packs in cheap art kits or at the hardware store.

  3. Pearl Lambie


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