Lion Hat for Cats

Lion Hat for Cats

Creative hat designed for cats and small dogs will transform your favorite pet into a fearless lion.

Handmade by Nestasnest, unique Lion Hat makes a great pet costume.

Made of synthetic fur, plush felt, and soft cotton. Side flaps are connected using Velcro fasteners under the chin. Easy to put on and remove.

Cat Lion

Cat Hat

Lion Cat

Lion Hats for Cats

Cat in Lion Hat

Lion Hat

Lion Cat Hat

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  1. tintin


  2. Betty


  3. tmd45

    He looks like so strong!

  4. pTc

    I can see a few bleeding arms being associated with this product.

  5. Jahangir

    The cats will still kill mouse and not deer :)

  6. Chewie

    Would be nice to have an additional cat slippers which looked like fluffy claws :p

  7. reason

    Another great way to make a cat unhappy.

  8. jacude

    would look way better on an orange cat ;)

  9. eddie

    Grumpy cat.

  10. Pete

    @pTc yes!

    I was thinking either drugs or that big snake are keeping this little kitty docile. The cat I had would have been running around the house backwards trying to get the thing of its head, assuming I was able to keep enough blood in my body to finish snapping it on in the first place :)

  11. vanessa

    nauzz… that is soo cute…
    but he looks angry

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