Camping Tent Shoes

Camping Tent Shoes

Comfortable sneakers with integrated camping tent designed by SIBLING.

Innovative camping tent that is big enough for one person expands out of the shoes and uses the human body as a support structure.

Tent Shoes

Walking Shelter

Camping Shoes

Mobile Habitat

Shoes for Campers

Tent Shoes by SIBLING


Walking Shelter

Camping Tent Shoes by SIBLING

Walking Shelter by SIBLING

Camping Shoes by SIBLING

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  1. shadow


  2. Michele

    Is this a joke? (I hope)

  3. minions


  4. Douglas

    @ shadow – you forgot lol. Let’s see her get that mess back in the shoes. Ha ha ha ha.

  5. Ryyx

    What the what?! So many things wrong with this, but let’s just start with why is there a door? You can’t leave a tent that is attached to you!

  6. Lilia Smiles

    She doesn’t look particularly comfortable

  7. Rudy

    I don’t like the colour and I only have one leg

  8. Gert

    WTH is this thing? lol. Looks like about as much fun as a wet cat.

  9. gunneos

    more posts like this for the sake of the comments

  10. Sing

    It’s so stupid that it can’t be true…

  11. Jimmy

    I guess this design suits people who have spare slaves? Use a slave as the tent and your home?

  12. Red

    Totally useless and stupid thing…

  13. nanobelle

    I can’t stop laughing!

  14. SAC

    What’s the point of this? How are you supposed to sleep sitting like a goon.

  15. wishbone

    Me too! This is by far the most ridiculous thing I have seen here…

  16. Dumbo

    It’s concept design people. Great way for designers to get their creative juices flowing and explore less practical aspects of their trade without worrying about deadlines, usability, commercial potential, etc.

  17. Sepehr

    It was so funny I even forgot to laugh :| :|

  18. sherry

    How did she think of this?? Sooo clever/ridiculous/funny

  19. Fantastic Mr. FOX

    I’ll buy it.

  20. Sina

    Such a crazy idea!

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