UFO Inspired Tree House

UFO Inspired Tree House

Cool tree house designed by Bertil Harstrom looks like an alien spaceship.

Unique exterior with classic round porthole windows hides a modern and comfortable living space with separate levels. The UFO tree house was constructed for the famous tree hotel in Sweden.

UFO Bedroom

UFO Bathroom

Tree Hotel

Tree House

Spaceship Tree House

UFO Tree House

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  1. chiggly


  2. Christian

    Damn, looks very eerie when there is little sunlight. some of the interior doesn’t look very attractive, though

  3. J Jones

    @Christian : I’m sure whoever built it spent a lot of money on building it so that is why the interior looks a little lame.

  4. Darrell

    Haha How crazy would it be to just come across this in the woods? ^_^

  5. Stephan

    design reminds me of that film ‘Flight of the Navigator’

  6. Kat

    How is it supported? Is it bending those trees either side or is it independently suspended?

  7. Glenn Contreras

    OMG! My childhood dream!!! <3

  8. Raymond

    like the spaceship entrance

  9. doc

    I love that movie stephan!

    I wonder how this would stand against an F5. Would it drop or fly?

  10. jacob

    suspended from those teeny pine trees is not a very safe place. Those things snap so easily.

  11. Waleed

    I think all of these kind a house are useless.. When it comes to any natural disaster where would you run after? It seems a big heavy invetsment…

  12. Aerwhyn

    I’ve always wanted to be an alien for a couple hours a day. Be awesome thinking about whether I should make friendlies with the ‘strange folk’ or just kill everyone so they show up for my damn house warming party. Either way the FBI will be over in two.

  13. MJ

    Nice. It looks like a giant wok. All you need is fire!

  14. bibin

    sooooo cool i love it. :D

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