Pizza in the Wild

Pizza in the Wild

Unique photo series by Los Angeles based photographer Jonpaul Douglass.

Delicious looking pepperoni pizza was placed on cute animals, mailboxes, cars, tanks, random objects, and traffic signs.

“Wild Pizza” was then photographed in the real world locations.

Pizzas in the Wild

Pizza on Things

Pizza in the Wild by Jonpaul Douglass

Wild Pizzas

Jonpaul Douglass Pizza in the Wild

Photographer Jonpaul Douglass


Pizza Photography

Los Angeles Photographer Jonpaul Douglass

Pizza Street Art

Pizza Photo

Pizza Photos

Pizzas on Things

Creative Pizza Photography

Jonpaul Douglass Pizza

Creative Pizza Photos

Los Angeles Pizza

Food Street Art

Pizza in the Wild Jonpaul Douglass

Jonpaul Douglass Photography

Pizza Art


Wild Pizza

Jonpaul Douglass

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  1. Attila

    Where is Walter White’s pizza?

  2. Mark

    Ummmm . . . . . it’s just sort of like snap shots of a pizza placed on something. No creativity in the photography. The concept was good but just not taken to the art level.

  3. gunneos

    What a waste of food.

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