Melted Signs Street Art

Melted Signs Street Art

Creative melted sings street art in Leeds, England by FinalFrontier design.

Traffic signs modified and transformed into eye-catching works of art.

Melted Signs Street Art by FinalFrontier 2

Melted Signs Street Art by FinalFrontier 3

Melted Signs Street Art by FinalFrontier 4

Melted Signs Street Art by FinalFrontier 5

Melted Signs Street Art by FinalFrontier 6

Melted Signs Street Art by FinalFrontier

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  1. michael

    Awesome! Is it legal?

  2. quique

    Certainly not illegal, wouldn’t be there I think…
    probably just for decoration purposes…

  3. onelegout

    Of course it’s illegal; it’s street art.

  4. Andy

    As street art goes these are really sub-par.

  5. immun

    ill buy spray

  6. Sexy

    hehehe.. great idea’s

  7. Josh

    I wouldn’t imagine it’s illegal, if you look closely, it’s not the signs themselves. It looks like either paper, or more likely vinyl or something similar that’s just placed on the signs. Wish there was something cool like this here in the US. Though I must admit, I do think there’s some pretty sweet graffiti here. I think Europe is much cooler than the US. And that’s coming from someone who has never been out of the US.

  8. John Weston

    Wow, that is absolutely amazing!

  9. Chimi

    How is obstructing or defacing a street sign NOT illegal? I don’t know the laws of every country, but the signs are there to serve a purpose, often one of safety. Obstructing them is a safety hazard.

    That said, it’s kinda cool.

  10. Scott

    These are clever!

  11. muffbone

    Very cool. I wish I had the talent to do this.

  12. Kate54

    Very cool! We do need more street art in the US – creativity for the masses (not war!)

  13. Paul

    who cares if it’s legal or not, it doesn’t matter. what matters is that it looks cool and it’s creative!

  14. Jaspercat

    In the UK it’s the type of illigal that if a police officer saw you they’d just ask what it’t for and politley ask you to take it down.

  15. JamesK

    What we don’t know is how long the art was there for. It is quite possible that they were put up, had their pictures taken and then removed, thereby causing a temporary obstruction with no permanent damage. If that’s the case, what problem is there?

  16. Designer

    great idea

  17. K

    Wanna-be Banksy art.

  18. sallybobally

    Who cares if its illegal its awesome! :-)

  19. Alex


    banksy didn’t invent street art, just because somebody creates something that puts a twist on the world doesn’t mean they are “wanna-be banksy”‘s that would be ridiculous, you don’t call every painter “wanna-be monet”‘s or anything its called development¬_¬

  20. Louise F. Rhodes

    I think this is fantastic – for those of you who’re asking if this is illegal or suggesting that it is (also to Chimi “How is obstructing or defacing a street sign NOT illegal? I don’t know the laws of every country, but the signs are there to serve a purpose, often one of safety. Obstructing them is a safety hazard”, what on earth are you talking about?) These are clearly not real street signs that have been melted and anyone who thinks they are needs to see a proffessional…

    It’s art. It’s taken someone’s hard work and excellent ideas to do this and I think it’s fantastic!

    Don’t get so up yourselves about it, you don’t deserve to leave such disposable, insulting comments.

  21. Ben

    If it stops you all talking about the legality of all of this then as a criminal barrister of four-years call: Unless they got the council’s permission it is illegal yes – criminal damage. Tragically so is drawing on a pavement in chalk even though the rain would wash it off. I wouldn’t even be that surprised if the CPS took action – I’ve had to prosecute worse in the past. Tragic really.

    Not stop talking crap and appreciate the art for what it is – amusing street art.

  22. michi

    They are nice. Interesting art.

  23. design

    i love art like this, especially when it’s on the streets. it makes me feel so urban

    unfortunately, i never get to see these things in person :(

  24. JK

    Awesome !

  25. Uty

    Wow.. Very creative and fullcolour!!

  26. Rika


  27. JR

    Regarding the question of how these were put up, they’re wheatpasted, and yes, it is illegal. A quick trip to the artist’s Flickr (linked in the article) would have made these both clear.

  28. Thom

    Neat but boring. Art? I think not.

  29. chris

    This is fake it is painted on paint on your main computer!!!

  30. Kai

    last one is definately illegal as its put up in front of a street sign obstructing it.. rest you could get away with the same sort of deal as people who flypost.. take it down and dont do it again
    but yea who cares, just enjoy it :)

  31. RIZZY




  33. Nick

    wow. every person on here is stupid. especially the guy who said it was done in paint on the computer? its wheatpaste and its deffinatly art.

  34. Anon

    This is kind of stupid. And definitely not real art.

  35. Gypsy

    “not real art”? excuse me, but who are you to say what is art and what isn’t? i think it’s awesome – and if you’re too stupid to understand the meaning of it, then i’m not going to waste my time explaining.
    as regards the legality of it, i’m pretty sure it’s illegal, but so is eating peanuts in church in certain states of the US. it’s not a safety hazard, so who cares?

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