Disney Avengers

Disney Avengers

Disney Princesses dressed in the costumes of popular Marvel superheroes.

“Princess Avengers” – illustrations by talented artist Christopher Stoll.

Jasmine as Iron Man

Jasmine Iron Man

Snow White as HULK

Snow White HULK

Tiana and Nick Fury

Christopher Stoll Princess Avengers

Maleficent as Loki

Christopher Stoll

Mulan as Hawkeye

Princess Avengers

Pocahontas as Captain America

Pocahontas Captain America

Rapunzel as Thor

Disney Princess Avengers

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  1. Michele

    How perfect to have Pocahontas as Captain America!

  2. Tom

    Why would Thor carry a frying pan?

  3. Amber

    I like them all but I quite like Pocahontas as Captain America!

  4. Tangled


    Rapunzel uses a frying pan in the movie Tangled as a weapon.

  5. Swiper Fox

    I think that some of the characters should be renamed:
    Jasmine as Iron Woman;
    Snow White as She-Hulk;
    Tiana as Nicky Fury; &
    Pocahontas as Captain Americana.

  6. Arielle


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