Realistic Disney Princesses

Realistic Disney Princesses

Finnish graphic design student Jirka Vaatainen creates realistic portraits of iconic characters from Disney animated films.

Wonderful images show how each princess would look in “real life“.





Snow White

Snow White



















For more amazing photo manipulations, check out: Real Angry Birds

  1. Ninja Egg :D

    Megara is my favorite. I think they really look like the characters.

  2. gunneos

    Rapunzel looks a lot like Dakota Fanning.

  3. Karlie

    snow white is my favorite but there are so awesome :D

  4. TwinkleTinytot

    All of them look so amazing!!

  5. banoolet


  6. MMM

    These princesses are so great!

  7. Jorge


  8. tip

    They all look great, but their anatomies are a little weird. Snow White and Aurora look the most realistic while Mulan and Belle’s faces still look really cartoonish. I mean, they are based on Disney characters. I love the emphasis on their costumes and the different background qualities.

  9. Diego

    Rapunzel looks like Amanda Seyfried <3

  10. Shandya

    Megara looks like Ke$ha

  11. Someone

    Esmeralda’s shrugged up shoulder looks really weird. Which then makes the rest of her body look twisted. haha

  12. John

    Pocahontas is HooOOooOott! …Is that weird?

  13. Shirley

    These are beautiful =]

  14. woops

    Rapunzel looks like Mary Kate and Ashley minus the coke

  15. Joy


  16. Danielle

    They’re all so gorgeous!
    If I had to find something bad about it, it would be that Esmeralda’s pose is a bit weird.

  17. luon

    I think I saw kim kardashian…

    Hot Hot Hot :)

  18. Tomasita

    They all look like a cheap photo edition, like faces pasted in diferent body not in a very natural way.

  19. Tomasita

    They looks like faces pasted in bodies in a fake way.

  20. Eekark


  21. Sarah

    Someone has a talent for face matching, for sure. Snow White looks like Emmy Rossum to me.

  22. angelina

    cool! repunzul looks like linzy lohan

  23. Kayla

    i think they all have celebrity faces….lets see….

    Rapunzle looks like Dakota Fanning or Amanda Seyfried (they both look the same anyways)

    Tiana looks like Brandy

    Aurora has the face of Claudia Clifford

    now that I think of it…Jasmin has the expression of Kim Kardashian

    Pocahontas sorta looks like Kimora Lee Simons

    the others I have yet to figure out….

  24. some girl

    Snow White looks like Emilia Clark, the girl playing Daenerys from Game of Thrones

    Esmeralda looks like Penelope Cruz

  25. Mel

    Just love it!!!

  26. Wheb

    These are interesting, but in terms of body proportions (and hair!) they’re still pretty unrealistic. Megara’s facial features are still weirdly angular, and Rapunzel’s eyes are way too big to be considered realistic.

  27. moonlight

    realy amazing <3

  28. Eevee

    yeah they are deff all celebrity faces, these are more like photo manipulations not really realistic versions of the princesses. i wanna see some original faces not just recycled celebrities!

  29. Natalie

    these are amazing! snowwhite looks like rachel hurd-wood .. pocahontas is the most beautiful of them all! :)

  30. Faith

    I love all of the princesses! so many of them remind me of so many actresses, especially cinderella she lookes like Dianna Agron!

  31. Laya

    wow… i totally love it…Rapunzel !

  32. comment

    They are gorgeous! Many people have commented on how some of them resemble celebrities,and i can see what they mean (Rapunzel reminds me of alicia silverstone and esmeralda makes me think of selma hyak-i probably didnt spell that right but you know who i mean : )), but they’re all still very pretty. My only critique is that snow white is a little too much on the thin side- her features could be more rounder/softer. Belles face could be just a tad more full. Overall, very very nice art!!

  33. Gabriela

    Rapunzel look like AnnaSophia Robb

  34. sophie

    Kim Kardashian is Jasmine and Esmeralda as well. Go on Google images and search: Kim Kardashian as Esmeralda. Or: Kim Kardashian as Jasmine!

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