Watercolor Paintings of Superheroes

Watercolor Paintings of Superheroes

Beautiful artworks of popular superheroes painted by French artist Blule.

Iconic shapes of the beloved heroes splashed onto the watercolor paper.

Iron Man

Iron Man Watercolor Painting



Wonder Woman

Superhero Watercolor Paintings


Blule Superhero

Captain America

Blule Watercolor

Silver Surfer

French Artist Blule


Spider-Man Watercolor Painting

Black Widow

Blule Painting


Blule Paintings


Blule Watercolor Paintings


Superhero Watercolors


Superhero Watercolor


Superman Watercolor Painting

Blule Superhero Watercolor Paintings


Batman Watercolor Painting

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  1. ian christy

    Some of these really pop, and for characters not typically getting a lot of atypical aesthetic attention, like Wonder Woman. I really like that these have a lot of inferred detail, negative space, and / or moody broody wet fog silhouette instead of the Alex Ross portraiture approach.

    Would be cool to see some group shots favouring more of the minimalistic approach of the Wolverine and Hulk, likewise, see some retellings of a few of the more iconic action cover clashes in this pastoral, sunday at the park sort of colourful page staining.

  2. Falcy

    Da batman one’s so cool…

  3. Pearl Lamie

    Wow, i almost didn’t click on this because i’m not a big fan of superheroes, let alone art about them but the atmosphere is incredible!

  4. Barrie Hall

    Amazing Work, I just spend an hour on their blog/webpage There is MUCH more then just superhero work there. Everyone should visit. Amazing work.

  5. Gert

    The mood of the Catwoman is perfect.

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