Thread Rainbows

Thread Rainbows

Beautiful rainbows made by Gabriel Dawe out of thread of different colors.

Colorful art installations created with thread, painted wood, and hooks.

Gabriel Dawe

Gabriel Dawe Thread Rainbows

Gabriel Dawe Thread Rainbow

Yarn Rainbow

Thread Rainbow

Yarn Rainbows

Gabriel Dawe Yarn Rainbows

Gabriel Dawe Yarn Rainbow

Rainbow Art

Gabriel Dawe Rainbows

Rainbow Art Installation

Thread Rainbows by Gabriel Dawe

Artist Gabriel Dawe

Rainbow Made of Yarn

Gabriel Dawe Rainbow

Rainbows Made of Yarn

Rainbow Made of Thread

Rainbows Made of Thread

Thread Rainbow by Gabriel Dawe

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  1. Pearl Lambie

    Love this!

  2. Swiper Fox

    Wow… that’s a beautiful sight.
    That would have been a long time to hung them.

  3. Kathy

    Wow – spectacular! I cannot even imagine the patience and care required to create these installations. Kudos! I can knot up a simple ball of yarn just by looking at it :)

  4. John

    I really like it. This is another one of those ideas that’s just so simple and brilliant, I’m surprised I’ve never seen it before.

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