Futuristic Pavilion at Shanghai Expo

Futuristic Pavilion at Shanghai Expo

Beautiful pavilion designed for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China.

Danish Pavilion by BIG has a spiral layout with pedestrian and bicycle lanes that allow visitors to experience the expo at different speeds.

Futuristic Pavilion

Danish Pavilion

World Expo 2010

Modern Pavilion

Expo Pavilion

Danish Pavilion in Shanghai

World Expo Pavilion

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  1. Moo

    reminds me of Guggenheim. It’s awesome that you can bike in it!

  2. Fillibert

    No offense but chinese people walk and bike the same way they drive. Like they are the only people there. Again sorry for generalizing but u can see it in the video.

  3. evie

    you get to bike in it!!!

  4. CordyQ

    why is it that the statement “no offense” is always followed by something sure to offend. How they handle them self has no relevance about the design of this cool structure, so why even comment on that. The place looks super cool I gotta say!

  5. Final

    Nice but looks like the cycle way is to narrow.

  6. James Anzalone

    @cordyQ well regardless of how offensive his statement might have been, the way people interact in the space is kind of a huge part of design.

  7. tass

    This is very very clever, especially since the bicycle culture is extremely developed, appreciated and representative in and for Denmark!

  8. Ben

    The “pool” ! Wow ! So pure and slick that it’s kind of disturbing !

  9. 2LV2

    Doesn’t “Blow Me Away”!

  10. Karin L.

    Needs a wider bike path.

  11. Rindane

    Awesome architecture!

  12. kruione

    and you guys really sucking the fun out of this. WHY THE FK would you comment if you dont deserve to enjoy it?

  13. latincrow

    looks really cool but makes me think of the size of the cleaning crew you need to keep it white with the cycling and all

  14. chris lee

    I love these photos. In fact I was there about 3 weeks ago and visited the Danish pavilion. Really amazing! My only complaint was there are just too many people. I was in line for like 2 hours…

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