Food Arranged by Color

Food Arranged by Color

Cool photo series by Linda Lundgren, a talented food stylist from Sweden, features different food products organized by their color. Enjoy!

Food by Linda Lundgren

Food Organized by Colour

Food Organized by Color

Colorful Food

Foods Arranged by Colour

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  1. Pete

    Beautiful! Those colors really pop.

  2. Michalexpromo

    Absolutly amazing – red one is the best :D

  3. Kikishua

    Great. Now I’m hungry.

  4. Cory

    The red one gets the reward for best use of brownie mix in art.


    I like green and red ones. :D

  6. lano

    This is nice work!

  7. Mask

    Yayy hot taco spice mix!

  8. James Anzalone

    I love things arranged by color. this is really nice.

    I wish they would have finished off the secondary colors though, all they needed was orange.

  9. Urban Gardens

    Cool photos, but just wondering why she used that shape?

  10. inan

    Nice idea and good work! can be used in restaurants etc

  11. jaqi mugo

    Wow! We have a rainbow of food! :)

  12. Karin L.

    Makes as GREAT display!!!

  13. Y. tsye

    which one do you like? I prefer the purple foods

  14. Th Kremers

    How can the red be the best if they all look the same? Dumb! The question can be: What color do you like the most? I like orange

  15. kaara

    and the winner is……yellow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. catherine

    agreed with @kaara – yellow looks awesome

  17. uny

    I like this:))
    And if in the form of a rainbow?

  18. zulsdesign

    Yummi, green color is great

  19. rossrobbie


  20. Carol MacGregor

    I’m a color freak . . . . . so I’m eating this up!

  21. Rita Melfi

    How many servings of each colour food do we need daily?
    I am an advocate of Canada’s food guide.
    Where does dairy fit in the colour scheme of things?
    Where does non dairy, dairy fit in (such as vegan butter, almond milk, rice milk, rice cheese) for example.
    I would really like an answer please and thank you.

  22. Linda Jennings

    The purple is stunning – they are all gorgeous!!

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