Barbie Jewelry

Barbie Jewelry

Margaux Lange creates unusual jewelry out of salvaged Barbie doll parts.

New York based artist transforms discarded Barbie dolls into eye-catching and somewhat disturbing necklaces, rings, and earrings.

Barbie Arm Neckpiece

Barbie Neckpiece

Barbie Jewellery

Barbie Doll Jewellery

Barbie Earrings

Barbie Pins

Doll Jewelry

Barbie Art

Barbie Hands Neckpiece

Barbie Brooch

Barbie Bracelet

Margaux Lange

Barbie Hands Bracelet

Barbie Doll Jewelry

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  1. monkeyitup321

    very creative, i love the style! a bit disturbing though, but its all for a good cause.

  2. ~The Squiggle God~

    I agree. Creative, but I’d rather not wear barbie doll body parts. Although…I have actually tried to make stuff like this before..

  3. la la

    this is beyond creepy

  4. Haley

    A nod to the ice-truck killer?

  5. Immelmann

    She’s just practicing for when she can use real body parts!

  6. Liz

    The fifth one with Ken and Barbie is pretty cute though.

  7. Discordany

    I also found most of these incredibly creative, but creepy. However, I am torn on the one of Ken “kissing” Barbie. Something about that one was less eerie, and I’d be tempted to buy it.

  8. g9Ukt

    too creepy

  9. Maru

    Am I the only one finding this creepy?

  10. hamid

    what? was that boob? !!!

  11. Betty

    Very interesting and definitely creative, but a bit disturbing. The boobs necklace is a riot!

  12. Amy

    Creepy, but AWESOME. would so buy one of these

  13. Cerberos

    whoa…kinda creepy…reminds me the spoilt ugly kid from Toy story except this girl got style:)

  14. Leonie

    You did it, I’m scared. (;

  15. carlosguerra

    get ready for the lawsuit xD

    Althouht its kind creepy, its pretty beautifull art at the same time

  16. laala

    only love the eye eating. thats it.

  17. dude

    Nobody thinks this is extremely creepy? That’s some Ed Gein (Psycho) stuff.

  18. Kev

    “What’s that you are wearing?” “My doll’s hands” O_O”

  19. woops

    Why do I find the heart shapes so appealing?

  20. Rose


  21. Mon Sun C

    Wow this is great work. Love the heart shape jewellery with the breasts. But must admit as well, it is creepy especially with arms and hands. Wonder if she has done anything with the legs yet. Or perhaps not shown here.

  22. Haley

    I don’t really find this that creepy at all, I would buy most of this.
    great work. love your thinking.

  23. EugiKo

    weird and creepy.

  24. flatsolid

    That΄s really great and genuinely inspired work. They bear some resemblance to the polychrome decoration of Hindu temples. Freaky, maybe, but the very plastic body of Barbie is freaky and inhuman.

  25. Peter Carr

    Why is this disturbing or creepy? It is only doll parts, it isn’t like it is actual human. Very good though– I especially like the necklace of Ken (or whomever) kissing Barbie. Get a grip people, it’s not like the human caterpillar.

  26. Nirina

    really great, but yeah a bit freaky ha

  27. Shandya

    Ken kissing Barbie is cute though…

  28. Cote

    i love her work

  29. Theresa

    Exquisite craftsmanship and fun sense of humor combine to make fabulously designed jewelry!! If I were given a choice to own a piece of Margaux’s jewelry, I would have a tough time narrowing it down. I love them all!

    Kudos to you~~ Keep creating wonderful art pieces, Margaux!

  30. glenn gallo

    This is fabulous. It takes a special type of person to see something in a whole new perspective. Its not creepy, its spectacular.

  31. Jennifer

    I absolutely adore her work!! Amazing!!!

  32. Anita Chiaravalle

    My favorite is Ken kissing Barbie while holding her face!

  33. Hannah

    I didn’t even notice it was made out of barbie parts until I read the title.

  34. Ani

    this creeps me out!!!!

  35. trolololol

    these are legitimately frightening.

  36. Enkhsaihan

    Barbie cannibalism

  37. koray

    it’s creepy but creative work

  38. krista

    amazing!!! how very creative you should try monster high dolls!!

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