Modern Classic Paintings

Modern Classic Paintings

Iconic faces from classic paintings combined with bodies of modern people.

Series of creative digital paintings by Vienna based artist Dorothee Golz.

Classic Modern Paintings

Modern Classic Art

Dorothee Golz

Classic Modern Painting

Classic Face on Modern Body

Modern Classic

Modern Classics

Classic Faces on Modern Bodies

Modern Classic Painting

Classic Modern Art

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  1. ma

    genius! very creative, I liked it a lot!

  2. Malin

    All men fully dressed. Not same for the women.

  3. Kathy

    This is really interesting, and it makes me ‘see’ these famous women (mostly) and men totally differently. This could make young people more interested in actually studying the incredible works of the original masters. Very nice.

  4. Gert

    A couple of these should have paid a little more attention to the build of the original subject so the face didn’t look too fat for the body but otherwise overall a good Photoshop experiment. I do agree about the disparity of the men being clothed and the women not.

  5. zART

    look like aliens. pretty interesting

  6. erynne

    I have to agree with Gert’s comment. Some of these just looked… a bit off to me. Not because the artist didn’t do a good job, but just because the head doesn’t seem to really fit with the body that was chosen for it. However, great job overall. The first and last ones are the best, I think.

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