Swirling Water Faucet

Swirling Water Faucet

Innovative faucet designed by Simin Qiu converts normal flow of water into a beautiful swirling pattern.

Swirling faucet reduces water consumption and looks great in the bathroom.

Vortex Water Faucet

Beautiful Faucet

Swirl Faucet

Swirl Faucet

Simin Qiu

Simin Qiu Faucet

Vortex Faucet

Swirling Faucet

Swirl Water Faucet

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  1. Swiper Fox

    I though water would travel in a diagonally straight line then straight down when gravity would take over.

    But this made water travel in a continuous swirling knitted pattern, probably because of natural gravitational and cohesion force of water molecules to one another.

  2. sgh

    is that real ?!
    so nice

  3. Jim jaimet

    fine, but what’s the price and where can i get one?

  4. John

    Is this for real? Or is this one of those industrial design concepts that isn’t actually, physically possible? (I’m struggling to understand what makes each “string” of water continue to bend around a curve once it leaves the faucet. Unless the answer is buried in how each strand is effected by the other strands. Which brings up another question: What keeps the strands from converging once they touch, for that matter?) Any other engineers out there who might know what’s going on here? (P.S. – If it’s real, I love it.)

  5. Kathy

    This is mesmerizing – even shown in still photos.. Really beautiful.

  6. Denny

    WOW…I want one in kitchen and bath

  7. Max

    Thie key for this to work is that, just like bending spoons in The Matrix, it is not the stream of water that is spinning but the nozzle in the faucet. Let us look at one of the “strings” and assume the faucet lets individual droplets out, in stread of a continuous stream.

    Each droplet goes directly towards the ground, as gravity would dictate. However, when the next droplet is let out the nozzle has moved a tiny bit making the next droplet fall right next to the first one. If we look at the sink’s bottom this means droplets are falling in a circle pattern. Add the rest of the strings and let them be cintinuous and voila, you get a spiral.

  8. John

    Thanks, Max! I get it now! So it IS possible! Neat! I do have one more observation, though: In order for it to appear “braided”, (as shown in the images,) rather than a simple helical pattern… there must be a 2nd “distributor” component rotating in the other direction, right?

  9. Manny

    It’s a concept. If you go to his website, it tells you this idea won a concept award.

  10. Armi

    Wooow! Wonderful!

  11. Scott

    How can i buy one … and any reviews ?

  12. Phil

    Price would be nice. However the bigger question for me is, how do I fix it?

  13. Lynette Nicholas

    Good evening where are these swelling water faucets and what are the prices thanks.

  14. Harold

    Obviously made of polycarbonate, Otherwise they would not have photoshopped the waves in the sink full of water.
    Water has SURFACE TENSION which would smooth out the pattern instantly. Just ask to see a video. Im sure they can’t show one.

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