City Made of Staples

City Made of Staples

Miniature city with office buildings and skyscrapers constructed by Peter Root out of more than 100,000 staples.

Stacks of thousands of paper staples form the downtown core of the city.

Creative project took 40 hours to complete. Beautiful art installation will inspire you to play with office supplies.


Staples Art

City Made out of Staples


Peter Root Staples

Peter Root Staples City

Staples City

Peter Root

City of Staples

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  1. Grey

    Ok, this is beautiful.
    Love it.

  2. Douglas

    The video was mindnumbing.

  3. rh91


  4. reason

    From someone whom lives in a city with similar conceptual views, I enjoy the playful awe of depth and focus.

  5. eddie

    I used to do this, albeit on a much smaller scale, when I worked in an office.

  6. Marian Root

    Peter was my amazing son on the cusp of a spectacular career. He was killed in Thailand on feb 13 2013 whilst in the process of fulfilling his dream of cycling around the world. his fellow artist and soul mate Mary Thompson was also killed.
    Life is so unbearably random, as is death.

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