Glass Floor Bathroom

Glass Floor Bathroom

Scary bathroom with terrifying floor made of glass was constructed on top of illuminated elevator shaft of the 15-story building in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Creative bathroom was designed by Hernandez Silva architects for the owners and guests of the penthouse apartment.

Scared people can sit on the toilet and look through transparent floor.

Elevator Shaft Bathroom

Bottomless Elevator Bathroom

Bottomless Bathroom

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  1. Alan

    Stare into the abyss and the abyss stares back at you… while you drop a deuce.

  2. Zack

    Well, that would scare the shit out of you.

  3. KEI


  4. Douglas

    The shaft may be deep but it’s featureless. Not a lot of visual clues to convey “terror”. They should have put lights all the down the side and even lit the bottom.

    How do they clean the underside?

  5. The Thinking Insomniac

    LMAO at Alan!! LOLOLOL… I can’t stop laughing..

  6. Lilia Smiles

    So do they still have an elevator? :)

  7. Nataly


  8. itai

    The floor should look like a regular floor, and only turn transparent when you sit on the stool.
    Otherwise you mighty shit yourself before you sit down.

  9. Aerwhyn

    Who’s up for spying on naked people?

  10. Masteroche

    The elevator?!

  11. Sharyn

    I bet very few people wash their hands!

  12. minions

    are you sure it’s safe?

  13. Bill

    Because… nothing could _possibly_ go wrong there. Yeah – that’s how I want to be remembered. Found dead at the bottom of an elevator shaft with my pants around my ankles and a toilet on my head because some minimum-wage flunky didn’t finish screwing in the bolts since it was quitting time on Friday. No thanks.

  14. Gert

    As a girl I can say I don’t do transparent floor anything. With my luck, some pervert would figure out how to get into the shaft and check out the goods.


  15. Allison

    all I gotta say is “oh Hell naw”

  16. Ashe

    I would just walk in then look at the floor then scream.

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