Modern Cakes

Modern Cakes

Unique cakes with experimental geometric designs made with the help of innovative 3D printed silicone molds.

Edible sculptures and futuristic cakes designed by talented Ukrainian pastry chef Dinara Kasko.

Futuristic Cakes

Math Cakes

3D Printed Cakes

3D Printed Cake

Dinara Kasko

Modern Cake

Futuristic Cake

Dinara Kasko Futuristic Cakes

Geometric Cake

Dinara Kasko Cakes

Dinara Kasko Modern Cakes

Math Cake

Dinara Kasko Cake

Dinara Kasko Geometric Cakes

Dinara Kasko 3D Printed Cakes

Ukrainian Chef Dinara Kasko

Geometric Cakes

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