Dragon Shaped Backpack

Dragon Shaped Backpack

Eye-catching black leather backpack shaped to look like a real dragon features removable wings and luminescent pattern on its scales and belly.

Dragon Backpack designed by Vitalii Osnach of NoirArtefact is made out of soft leather material that keeps its shape well and protects your things.

You can rotate the dragon’s neck in different directions. Dragon’s green cat eyes give it a fierce and realistic look.

Dragon head, elbows, and horns are hard, but everything else is soft.

The dragon’s tail can help you balance the backpack when you’re getting things out of it.

It’s a bit heavier than some other backpacks, but it’s still comfortable to wear.

Dragon shaped backpack is perfect for cosplay, fantasy lovers, or anyone who wants to add some fun to their outfit. Game of Thrones vibes!

Dragon Shaped Leather Backpack

Vitalii Osnach Dragon Backpack

Leather Dragon Backpack

Dragon Backpack

Black Leather Dragon Backpack

Dragon Leather Backpack

Black Dragon Backpack

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