Desk Lamp with Movable Lights

Desk Lamp with Movable Lights

Rima desk lamp from Dreipuls comes with 65 bright LED lights that you can selectively turn on and off using four sliding rings.

Optical sensors detect the position of each ring. Users can shift the light into the desired area without moving the whole lamp.

Adjustable Desk Lamp

The processor is driving the power supply to the LEDs between two of the rings so that only those LEDs are switched on.

Rima LED Lamp

It is possible to create two separate lighting areas with a total length of 90 centimeters, absolutely variable in position, size and light direction.

Lamp with Sliding LEDs

Entire lamp can be gradually switched on by moving first ring to the right.

Light Rings

LED Ring

LED Lamp

Switching off is accomplished by simply moving back the rings.

Rima Desk Lamp

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  1. peppy

    Great for illuminating all things knee high.

  2. Piecebypeace

    Nice concept.

  3. jumanicus

    that’d be good for… well, just that laptop basically

    or a reading baby

  4. Moist Popcorn

    Laptops are already back lit so…

  5. Jake

    @peppy It is a desk lamp. Says so in the title. I think this is pretty awesome, however I would’ve thought it could be done with simpler technology than optical sensors.

    @moist popcorn but books aren’t. Ever write a paper? Always need a light for what you are reading from when typing.

  6. Svetlina

    It`s nice but I`d prefer it built in the shelve above my desk. I dont need metal or plastic around my wooden desk.

  7. chip

    terrific idea. this would be awesome on my table. hope it comes in other designs than chrome though.

  8. Leithy_boy

    ??? What would be a the point when you have a light in the room ???

  9. Blorgh

    @Leithy_Boy not waking your sleeping spouse as you work on for hours after they have to go to sleep because you have conflicting work schedules and things are already tense enough as it is, you don’t want to upset him/her but you have to finish this project so you work on in near darkness using as little light as possible.

  10. Leithy_boy

    @Blorgh Going to another room with better light would be better for your eyes,better for your spouse and more comfortable :)

  11. bananaman

    @Leithy_boy Well having a desk lamp is good because sometimes you need more focused light to do your work, and like Blorgh said, it doesn’t bother those around you. Also, sometimes a main light could be too bright, and having a desk lamp could make the room dimmer.

  12. Jake

    I guess most commenting never went to college…

  13. Leithy_boy

    @Jake Duh! i’m only 13

  14. bert

    @jumanicus: reading baby…lol

  15. Kirvi_Inci

    Honestly, I am too damn ADD for this. would sit there and play with the lights as opposed to doing work. lol

  16. GemF

    Ha! 13… One day you will understand the need for a desk lamp :D

  17. Doink

    That’s just awesome!

  18. Tara

    I don’t see where the desk function….

  19. Omega

    I can’t really believe that a good deal of people don’t realize the purpose of a desk lamp… You use it to light your work brighter than the ambient light of the room. Granted, the pictures should have included the desk to better make its purpose known.

  20. pampalas

    whats the price tag on this puppy, i really like it… just one of many neat things here on toxel

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