Super Mario Rubik’s Cube

Super Mario Rubik's Cube

Modified version of the Rubik’s Cube features iconic levels from Nintendo‘s 1985 video game Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros Rubik’s Cube is here to test your skills and take you on a journey through classic video game levels!

Channel your inner plumber as you navigate through the intricate design, solving puzzles akin to those Mario faces in his daring quests.

With every rotation of the Rubik’s Cube, you will find yourself transported back to the golden age of gaming.

Each twist and turn reminds of iconic levels, from the treacherous pits of the Mushroom Kingdom to the fiery depths of Bowser’s Castle.

Super Mario Rubik’s Cube handmade by Pixelbrush. [currently sold out]

Nintendo Super Mario Rubik's Cube

Mario Rubik's Cube

Super Mario Bros Rubik's Cube

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