City Silhouettes

City Silhouettes

Series of beautiful photos by talented photographer Jasper James shows the city of Beijing through the silhouettes of Chinese people.

Double exposure images remind us that individuals are the heart of the city.

City Reflection

City Photography

Silhouette Photography

City Silhouette


Silhouettes Photo

City Silhouettes Photography

Silhouettes Photography

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  1. Stephan

    I think these are pretty cool.

  2. Ninja Egg :D

    These are cool. Reminds me of those Lipton Tea commercials.

  3. trolololol

    nifty, very nifty.

  4. K.

    Love these. I grew up in Chicago and would love to have a portrait like this.

  5. Wheels

    Superb images and very inspirational.

  6. kadal


  7. douglas

    interesting – but I come away thinking the smog is REALLY bad.

  8. Paul

    And they’ve been on stock photo sites for years – we used these for an ad campaign two years ago.

  9. pampalas

    reminds me of Black Eyed Peas – Just Can’t Get Enough song :)

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