Linky Foldable Electric Longboard

Linky Foldable Electric Longboard

Foldable longboard designed to fit into a backpack features powerful electric motors, long-lasting battery, and four all-terrain wheels.

Linky 2.0 foldable electric longboard powered by two 750W belt motors reaches speeds of up to 26 MPH / 42 KPH.

Rechargeable battery lets you travel up to 14 miles on a single charge.

Designed for all terrains, large wheels provide a smooth ride over bumpy roads, thanks to their 105 mm diameter and integrated mudguards.

Linky app allows riders to personalize their riding experience by adjusting settings such as acceleration and braking to suit their skill level.

Foldable Electric Skateboard

Foldable design makes it easy to carry and store. Perfect for commuters who need to navigate both urban streets and public transportation.

Foldable Longboard

Tired of waiting for buses or stuck in traffic? Linky 2.0 longboard can be your efficient and reliable mode of transportation.

Foldable Skateboard

Whether you’re a commuter or a thrill-seeker, Linky 2.0 offers the perfect blend of portability and performance.

Linky 2.0 Foldable Electric Longboard

Enjoy the freedom of cruising around town on foldable electric longboard.

Linky Foldable Skateboard

Imagine effortlessly gliding through the streets, feeling the wind in your hair as you zip past traffic with ease.

With speeds of up to 26 MPH and a range of 14 miles on a single charge, the possibilities are endless.

Linky Foldable Electric Skateboard

Linky 2.0’s all-terrain wheels allow people to venture off the beaten path, discovering new places and enjoying outdoor adventures.

Linky Foldable Longboard

With its innovative foldable design, the Linky 2.0 seamlessly transforms from a compact package into a full size electric longboard in seconds.

Foldable Electric Longboard

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