Lighthouse Office by Knowhow Shop

Lighthouse Office by Knowhow Shop

Futuristic backyard office pod shaped to look like a spaceship with cool door and windows that have no right angles.

Lighthouse Office designed by Knowhow Shop is a small micro-building that challenges traditional norms and construction techniques.

It features unconventional door, devoid of right angles, and a custom-made skylight with elements from boatbuilding and automotive design.

Even its structural integrity is redefined with shop-fabricated SIPs joined together using hardware typically found in the film industry.

Built using experimental methods, the Lighthouse Office is a showcase of modern craftsmanship and creative design.

Knowhow Shop Lighthouse Office

Unique door challenges conventional perceptions of entryways, showcasing a bold departure from the norm.

Knowhow Shop

Inside the office, there is enough room for four comfortable workstations.

Lighthouse Office

Large window lets in plenty of natural light from the sun during the day.

Lighthouse Office Space

Unusual design elements make it a conversation starter and a source of inspiration for visitors.

Lighthouse Office Pod

Lighthouse Office located in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Lighthouse Home Office

More than just an office space, the Lighthouse is a testament to reimagining how people will design and build for the future.

Lighthouse Backyard Office

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