Sunflower Concrete Fire Pit

Sunflower Concrete Fire Pit

Nature inspired fire pit shaped to look like a sunflower made of concrete produces a beautiful light pattern that mimics the sun.

The Sunflower Fire Pit designed by Shift is composed of multiple smaller concrete segments, each supported by an internal metal frame.

Modular design allows for a more manageable and lightweight construction compared to conventional single-mold fire pits.

When lit, the fire pit casts a beautiful sun-like glow, enhancing the ambiance and making your backyard feel cozy and inviting.

Sunflower Concrete Fire Pit by Shift

The Sunflower Fire Pit uses smaller, manageable concrete pieces for easy handling and endless customization.

Sunflower Fire Pit

Damaged a piece? No problem! Each segment of the Sunflower Fire Pit can be easily replaced, making it practical and durable.

Concrete Fire Pit

Drawing inspiration from the geometry of flowers, each concrete piece in the Sunflower fire pit resembles a petal.

Concrete Sunflower Fire Pit

The warmth and light from the Sunflower fire pit create a relaxing atmosphere, encouraging more time spent outdoors with family and friends.

Shift Sunflower Concrete Fire Pit

Inspired by nature, the Sunflower Concrete Fire Pit casts a stunning sun-like glow. Perfect for summer and winter nights!

Shift Sunflower Fire Pit

Instead of using a single large mold, Sunflower features a modular design with multiple smaller concrete segments supported by an internal metal frame.

Sunflower Fire Pit by Shift

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