Tree Tent

Tree Tent

Innovative camping tent hangs suspended between trees, provides beautiful views, and protects your family from wild animals.

Tentsile tree tents are described as multi-person portable tree houses.

Simply climb the ladder and sleep in a hammock inspired tree tent.

Tree Camping Tent

Tentsile Tree Tents

Tentsile Tree Tent

Tree Tents

Tentsile Tent

Portable Treehouse


Treehouse Camping Tent

Treehouse Tent

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  1. Kathy

    This is great, and what fun! No more sleeping on lumpy tree roots, wet ground or worrying about things creeping around in the night getting into your little temporary domain. Since it looks like it has a hammock effect, I’m not sure about two people in one unless they like bring smushed together and can sleep that way. As well, there doesn’t appear to be anywhere to put a camp lamp or store gear. But still, very cool!

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